SINOPOS Industry. Co., Ltd.

SINOPOS giving Point-of-Sale solution

Sinopos is the manufacturer, trader and exporter engaged in the point of sale industry. We look forward to demonstrating to you our strength in our Design, Manufacture & Supply of our products by bringing you innovative and challenging ideas and serious competitive quotations for a wide range of retail display equipment, POS merchandising, store fixtures, display and shop fittings.

SINOPOS is Sino-based and world-orientated 

Most of our factories are based in Chenghai, China, where the good reputation is enjoyed for the competitive price and good quality of the plastic or metal commodities. We has accumulated plenty of experience in the processing of various kinds of plastic and metal POS products and acquired successful business with the POS suppliers, stationery and clothes accessories wholesaler in America and Europe especially. 

SINOPOS offering Professional Quality Service 

To satisfy your individual order and service requirements, one professional sale team is work closely with experts from our other teams to ensure you receive a prompt response to all enquiries. We work hard so you may get your reply anytime from Sinopos. 

SINOPOS keeping updated 

We are updating our products and ourselves everyday, offering display solutions to fit all budgets, We are consistently extending our range, however if you do not see what you require contact our sales team to discuss your requirements.